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Zodiac for the Soul with John Wadsworth - Aries

  • Hub at No.3 3 Market Place Wincanton, England, BA9 9LD United Kingdom (map)

Zodiac for the Soul with John Wadsworth

Aries Workshop

Discover the Twelve Zodiac Gateways to Balance, Happiness & Wholeness

A series of twelve weekend workshops, held over twelve months, hosted by Lynne Franks & Friends, The Hub at No.3, Wincanton

Experienced teacher, author and well-known professional astrologer, John Wadsworth, will guide you on this unique, life-changing programme to discover the truth of your own zodiac soul. Through this year-long process of deep personal and spiritual enquiry, you will have opportunity to investigate twelve essential areas of your life, including personal relationships, money, health, family, career, and self-worth.

The zodiac wheel is an ancient emblem of the soul, an alchemical route map imprinted on our psyche, a cyclical narrative rich in image, symbol, myth and seasonal motif.  It doesn't merely describe twelve personality types, rather each zodiac sign offers up a medicine, an essential truth or teaching, a healing balm that can restore the integrity of our being. The zodiac invites us on a journey where we can remember who we are and what we are here for, where we can awaken to our whole self.

During this year-long programme, which unfolds in rhythm with the seasons and the passage of the Sun through the zodiac signs, you will have the opportunity to consider and review your life from twelve different perspectives. Over twelve weekends, you will get to experience your life as a wheel, whole and complete, with its twelve essential dimensions, each of which require your mindful attention in order for you to gain personal mastery of your life.

A healthy wheel is a turning wheel, and through the programme, you will learn to see in which areas of life, and through which perspectives your personal wheel is getting stuck. Through understanding how each one of life's challenges has its place in the zodiacal order, and transforming your fears and self-defeating behaviours at each stage, you will come to know yourself as you truly are, and expand your capacity for meaning and fulfilment.

On the Sunday of each weekend, we will take a trip to Glastonbury, where John will introduce sacred landscape expert Anthony Thorley. With Anthony as our guide, we will journey into the mysterious Glastonbury Zodiac, where you will be able to really ground the learning of the previous two days by walking the zodiacal figures marked out in this landscape temple of the stars. We will encounter mythical tales from ancient cultures, local legends, and meaningful symbols and motifs that constellate around each landscape figure. Experiencing this in our bodies through walking the land, will draw us deeper into the alchemical power of the zodiac wheel.

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